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Connections over ideas and shared interests have long been a part of the Mensa experience, whether they're made online, in local meetings or via Special Interest Groups. Now, a new partnership will allow Mensans to connect on a more emotional level. American Mensa is joining forces with® to launch Mensa Match, a program that helps Mensans meet to find friendship and love with each other or form those connections with people outside of the organization who share similar interests.

Mensa Match is something that many Mensans have requested over the years, and it partners Mensa with the ultimate name in online dating. Match pioneered the industry, launching in 1995, and today it serves millions of singles in 24 countries. It's a safe and fun service for people who are serious about finding love.

Get started now at and be among the first to add the Mensa badge to your online dating profile!


Have you ever wanted to read the newsletters of Local Groups outside of your own? Perhaps it's one from an area where you once lived or a region you're planning to visit. Maybe it's one produced by the Local Group where your best friend belongs.

American Mensa's newest web service allows you to subscribe to any of the Local Group newsletters that are uploaded to our site. By subscribing to one or all (if you dare), you'll receive an email notification any time a newsletter you've subscribed to is uploaded to our website.

To access this great new benefit: Visit and select Group Newsletter Subscriptions from the left menu. Select the newsletter(s) you would like to view, scroll to the bottom of the list, and then click Save Subscriptions. When those newsletters are uploaded to the AML website, you will be notified that they are available.

This service will help bridge the miles for members as well as help members keep up with the activities of friends and colleagues across the country.

Please note that the subscriptions are electronic-only notifications that the PDFs are available and that the email notice will be sent to the address we have for you on your membership record.

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Whether you're looking for a smart job or perhaps searching for intelligent employees, Mensa Works is for you. American Mensa's revamped career center is a great resource that connects Mensa members with the jobs that are right for them. 

In partnership with Boxwood Online Career Centers, Mensa Works is an exclusive benefit for online employment connections. For Mensa members, it's a place to post resumes for free and to target choice jobs. For employers, it's a rich resource of driven and highly educated workers. Mensa Works will assist you in your professional growth and development, providing salary coaching, resume critiques and online profile development. Employers can mine an exclusive collection of talent, making the hiring process easier and smarter.

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