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  1. Violation of anyone's personal privacy is not allowed. Members cannot post identifying information or personal information about another Mensa member that they themselves haven't already posted (relationships, job and family situations, last name, address, etc.)

  2. Physical threats are not allowed, period.

  3. Blatant attacks/name calling/insults/bullying are not allowed against any individuals on-list, but there are no restrictions on attacks against public figures.

  4. 'Harmless' insults are allowed but words generally recognized as aggressive or harmful are not. Note that "harmless" will be subject to the interpretation of the moderator(s) in the case of a complaint.

  5. Controversial topics will be allowed, but excessive inflammatory language or profanity will not. A 'reasonable person' standard will be applied where "excessive" use occurs. Messages that include graphic or gratuitous nudity or violence are not allowed.

The above list is not intended to be exhaustive, but to give general guidance as to conduct that is likely to be unacceptable. The moderator(s) may proscribe other conduct they believe detracts from the spirit of camaraderie in the group.


Welcome to Central Pennsylvania Mensa's moderated Facebook community for current Central Pennsylvania Mensa members who are 18 years of age or older. As a member of the group, you will be invited to local events and regional gatherings via Facebook. This is a member only community. To learn more about Central Pennsylvania Mensa, visit our group website.

Central Pennsylvania Mensa is a part of Region 2, the Middle Atlantic region of the United States, covering Delaware, District of Columbia, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. 

This group is member-run and is moderated by the Social Media Coordinator of Central Pennsylvania Mensa. Anyone removed from this group may appeal to the Regional Social Media Coordinator, who has overriding and final authority.

Please note we verify current membership via American Mensa's online member directory. If you use a different name on Facebook than the one registered with Mensa, check your Inbox and Other folder for messages from the administrators.

You are encouraged to join Region 2's Facebook Community. This is a moderated community where you can find the latest updates on American Mensa board meetings, proposed policies, and an expanded base of camaraderie and conversation. 

For an even greater base of camaraderie, join the American Mensa Hospitality site on Facebook or our Online Community on the American Mensa Web site. Both are moderated forums.

If you're seeking an unmoderated environment, please visit our unmoderated Facebook group American Mensa Firehouse.


(Adapted from Marc Lederman's Moderator Guidelines and Penalties Guide for American Mensa Hospitality Facebook Community, July 13, 2014.)

  1. Moderators should get involved if they identify a blatant violation, even if no one complains.

  2. Moderators will send individual reprimands on-list as needed.

  3. In general, the Moderators have the authority to: 

    1. Send an on-list note to all parties involved in a discussion to tone down the discussion. 

    2. Send an on-list or off-list note to a specific member with instruction to tone down the discussion 

    3. Send an on-list or off-list warning to a member in the case of a rules violation or a complaint 

    4. Recommend to the Communications Officer that a member be suspended from the group


  1. Minor reprimands and warnings to violators of list rules may be made on-list in order to notify the group that the conversation is disintegrating towards repercussions. Moderators may also publicly post a general "cool it" note if needed on a specific thread.

  2. Also, please note that if there are enough complaints about a poster, even if the posts aren't against the codified rules, that person may receive warnings and possibly face subsequent disciplinary actions.

  3. If a participant continues to disrupt the social atmosphere of the group, the moderators may recommend a 30 day suspension from the Facebook group.

  4. If, after a 30-day suspension, a participant resumes inappropriate behavior, the moderators may recommend a 90 day suspension from the Facebook group.

  5. If, after a 90-day suspension, a participant resumes previously identified inappropriate behavior, the moderators may recommend an indefinite suspension from the Facebook group, lasting a minimum of one year.

  6. All suspensions will be approved by the Executive Committee of Central Pennsylvania Mensa. Anybody suspended from this group may appeal to the Region 2 Social Media Coordinator.

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